I arrived at work this morning to find out that one of my good friends here just quit his job and decided to move to Turkey, for a girl. We’d hung out over the weekend with no mention of this. Literally within the past 48 hours he’d made up his mind, bought his ticket, and given his notice. He’ll be gone within 3 weeks.

In the past several days another one of my best friends out here just graduated, proposed to his girlfriend, and then left my Colorado life for the foreseeable future, literally riding off into the sunset for a month-long motorcycle trip before he spends the summer in Uganda with the love of his life and then they start their new life together in Austin TX. We didn’t get to say goodbye, but we agreed it was better that way. Goodbye’s are rather unnecessary between people who have accepted that their attraction to free spirits means the door to their hearts and homes is constantly revolving.

I’ll miss these guys, but I don’t feel a sense of sadness or loss today. I feel inspired. By the reminder that we still have the power to make decisions that surprise the hell out of the people around us – and scare the hell out of ourselves. By the actions that prove we’re not robots on auto-drive, that we are flesh and blood and mind and heart. And that because of that, our lives are open: to possibility, change, adventure…and love.

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