In Another Life

To me, there’s no better proof for reincarnation than the phenomenon of chemistry between two individuals who had been strangers. When chemistry happens – whether it’s between you and the opposite sex or the same – it can’t be explained by your background or shared experiences. There’s just something there – a magnetic pull that can’t be attributed to any commonalities. Chemistry is when you find yourself talking to a total stranger for hours, and never wanting the conversation to end. It’s that moment you two are the only ones laughing at the same joke in a group full of other people who don’t get it. It’s when you find yourself telling them something you haven’t even told your closest friends…even though you barely know each other.

These days, I like to think we’re all just cycling through this life again and again, being born in various times and places, loving, hating, co-existing with thousands of other souls in our short lifetimes. From time to time we will run across those we knew. When we do, among a world of strangers we recognize one another subconsciously but immediately – and we’re drawn to each other because of it. You could have been my mother, my brother, my lover, or even my child. I like to think that chemistry is two old souls crossing paths again after many lifetimes, and being eager to catch up.

Because think about it – when chemistry happens, how else is there to describe it but recognizing an old friend?

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