Gloria Liu

300 days of sunshine and stories

10006453_10102949611386943_1534803181_nHey there. I’m Gloria.

I’m a writer, cyclist, skier, and traveler.

I’m also the Gear Editor for Bicycling Magazine, and the co-founder of The Activity Report, an online women’s adventure magazine.

My story is becoming commonplace among this restless generation: In a past life, I worked in finance and I was good at it, really good. But I wanted more. So I quit my job and went traveling, looking for adventure and passion.

That part used to be the bit that everyone was most interested in. But while that year-and-some-change off was fun, and I learned a few things on the way, it was really just the beginning of a story I’m still writing. One that ended up being about a lot more than quitting a desk job to travel the world. It was all the stuff that happened afterward that really filled me with wonder. All the beautiful things and the hard things—they make for the best stories.

And of course, the day-to-day things. Really, for the most part, when I’m not muttering in front of my Mac, I’m probably just getting lost in the woods on my mountain bike, planning my next road trip, working on my headstand, or talking to strangers at the grocery store. I like writing about that stuff, too.

Contact Me

Interested in freelance writing or editing? Want to submit to the Activity Report? Or just want to get hopped up on coffee together? Let’s do it.

Email me at Or, chirp at me @thats_my_line.

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